About Us

Q&T Research Sherbrooke is a clinical research center whose mission is to evaluate drugs and vaccines in development for the biopharmaceutical sector. Working within the framework of Canadian and international regulatory standards, the company undergoes rigorous protocols to conduct clinical trials.

Q&T Research Sherbrooke was founded in 1994 and is recognized as a leader in the clinical development of medications and vaccines. It is with pride that the group has contributed to the clinical development of more than 30 Health Canada-approved drugs and vaccines now available to the global population.

The development of medicines and vaccines is an invaluable contribution to society, enabling millions of people to use these cutting-edge products every day.

For more information about Q&T Research Sherbrooke, call (819) 562-0777.

Research Team

Q&T Research Sherbrooke is proud to introduce its medical team.

Our team of highly qualified professionals supports you, guides you, and supervises your visits and treatment in order to help you take charge of your health throughout the clinical study in which you participate.


Camille Bourgault-Gervais
Camille Bourgault-GervaisCEO
Roselyne Bourgault-Gervais
Roselyne Bourgault-GervaisDirector – Finance
Karine Côté M. Sc.
Karine Côté M. Sc.Director – business development
Pierre Gervais M. Sc.
Pierre Gervais M. Sc.Strategic planning

Clinical Investigators

Dr Jean-Sébastien Gauthier
Dr Jean-Sébastien GauthierPhysician – Clinical Investigator
Dr Luc Larrivée
Dr Luc LarrivéePhysician – Clinical Investigator
Dre Paule Royer
Dre Paule RoyerPhysician – Clinical Investigator
Dre Charline Cormier
Dre Charline CormierPhysician - Clinical Investigator

Research Nurses

Andrée Lafontaine
Andrée LafontaineResearch nurse
Martine Vézina
Martine VézinaResearch nurse
Marie-Eve Pigeon
Marie-Eve PigeonAuxiliary nurse
Pamela Roy
Pamela RoyAuxiliary nurse, laboratory support
Stéphanie Bernier
Stéphanie BernierResearch nurse
Béatrice Litalien
Béatrice LitalienResearch nurse
Maude Giguère
Maude GiguèreResearch nurse
Mineatha Preap-Vong
Mineatha Preap-VongAuxiliary nurse
Manon Deslauriers
Manon DeslauriersAuxiliary nurse, laboratory support
Céléna Demers-D’Amours
Céléna Demers-D’AmoursAuxiliary nurse, Recruitment specialist
Arianne Frechette
Arianne FrechetteResearch nurse

Research Coordination

Audrey Jean
Audrey JeanStudy coordinator and regulatory specialist
Christopher Philip
Christopher PhilipStudy coordinator

Research Professionals

Joelle Blouin
Administrative support

Anahi Kerbaol
Accounting Technician

Chantal Parenteau,
Finance Assistant